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TravelManagers’ Travelling Story-Teller

Wednesday 16 December 2021 – In October 2019, TravelManagers’ Maria Pandalai visited Papua New Guinea on a nine-day famil with Intrepid Travel. It was a fascinating experience and one that would eventually lead the Queensland-based personal travel manager (PTM) to fulfil a long-held ambition to become a published travel writer.

“On the flight from Port Moresby to Rabaul, I was seated next to the travel journalist in the group, and...

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Personal Travel Manager’s Earlybird Clients Signal Positive Future for Travel

Wednesday 09 December 2020 – With 35 years’ experience in the travel industry under her belt, personal travel manager (PTM) Robbie Barrett has a client base of avid travellers who are eagerly awaiting the time when they can revive holiday plans that have been on ice for much of 2020.

Among them is a pair of cruise enthusiasts for whom Barrett had arranged a European cruise holiday that was to...

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Domestic Travel Helps Personal Travel Manager Rediscover Her Mojo

Wednesday 02 December 2020 – Alongside her fellow personal travel managers (PTMs), TravelManagers’ Kerrin Poupos worked tirelessly through the first half of this year to bring clients home, cancel or postpone future bookings and generally redress the chaos created by COVID. Now she has shifted her focus to rebuilding her business with a more domestic focus, with a fresh mindset that’s all about growth, learning and reigniting her passion for the industry and career she has loved for more than sixteen years.

“It has been a tough year for agents,” Poupos confirms. “Back in April and May, it just hit me like...

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Personal Travel Manager Steps in when COVID Stops Play on Golfing Holiday

Wednesday 25 November 2020 – Fresh border closures resulting from the latest upsurge in COVID cases in South Australia once again left holidaymakers scrambling to cancel or change their travel plans. For many, this involved hours on the phone trying to rearrange seats on flights that were quickly selling out, plus more time invested in cancelling or postponing land arrangements.

Personal travel manager (PTM) Emma Ross, who is TravelManagers’ representative for Bulimba in Queensland, had a group of clients who...

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Personal Travel Manager Not Waiting for Recovery to Happen

Wednesday 18 November 2020 – Personalised service that’s tailored to each client’s individual needs: according to TravelManagers Australia, this is one of the hallmarks of their personal travel managers (PTM). True to form, when Sydney-based PTM Julianne Gazal-Rizk was briefed about Chimu Adventures’ charters flights to see the Southern Lights over Antarctica, she put this principle into action, reaching out to handful of carefully selected clients with detail of the experience on offer.

Within a week, Gazal-Rizk had sold five premium economy and two business class seats to four sets of clients for...

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TravelManagers’ Six-Figure Cruise Booking Sets Optimistic Tone for Future

Thursday 12 November 2020 – Although 2020 has been the year of frustrating travel plans, TravelManagers says clients are still thinking about travel and making plans for when international holidays are once again an option. In fact, one personal travel manager (PTM) recently confirmed a client on a dazzling round-the-world cruise itinerary which is set to be one of the largest individual cruise bookings TravelManagers has ever taken.

PTM Laurin Taggart is based in Forster in the Mid North Coast region of New South Wales. She describes her...

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TravelManagers’ Clients Become First Members of Crooked Compass Lunch Club

Wednesday 04 November 2020 – Australians who are looking to indulge their travel habit somewhere exotic, but don’t want to wait for international borders to reopen, are rediscovering the concept of immersive, luxury holiday experiences at home.

  To meet the growing demand for this type of getaway, tour company Crooked Compass has just launched a selection...

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TravelManagers’ Day Out Just Not Cricket

Thursday 29 October 2020 – To use cricketing parlance, the travel industry has been knocked for six by COVID in 2020. With international travel well and truly stumped for the immediate future, TravelManagers’ National Partnership Office (NPO) has recognised the importance of preserving a sense of team spirit within the company, organising regular gatherings (virtually and in person) to ensure the wellbeing of its 560-plus personal travel managers (PTMs) and NPO support team.

Last week it was the turn of the NPO team to take the field, figuratively and literally, with a picnic...

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Smooth Sailing for TravelManagers with Princess Cruise Campaign

Wednesday 21 October 2020 – TravelManagers’ recent Cruise Sale, which ran in support of the launch of Princess Cruises’ 2021/22 cruise program, resulted in more than two and a half million dollars in sales for the home-based travel brand. TravelManagers’ Executive General Manager, Michael Gazal, says the company was delighted by the outcome, which he says surpassed expectations after a challenging nine months for the travel industry.

Wednesday 21 October 2020 – TravelManagers’ recent Cruise Sale, which ran in support of the launch of Princess Cruises’ 2021/22...

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Competitive Spirit Strong in TravelManagers’ State of Origin Grand Final

Wednesday 14 October 2020 – If 2020 had been an ordinary year, on Thursday 10th September there would have been several hundred personal travel managers (PTMs) arriving in Hamilton Island for TravelManagers’ thirteenth annual National Conference. The reality is that 2020 has been anything but ordinary, but it takes more than a global pandemic to stop this band of travel professionals from getting together virtually to recreate the same atmosphere of fun and solidarity as they’ve come to expect from their conference weekend – with plenty of competitive spirit thrown in for good measure.

Wednesday 14 October 2020 – If 2020 had been an ordinary year, on Thursday 10th September there would have been...

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