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Personal Travel Managers Discover Mutual Support Invaluable

TravelManagers new recruit Sahra Vilayrack representative for Carrington in Newcastle and long established personal travel manager Merran Wiggins, representative for Warners Bay in Lake Macquarie enjoy more than a neighbourly cup of tea. Whilst some may consider the fifteen and a half kilometer distance apart as being competitive territory, it is completely the opposite philosophy for Vilayrack and Wiggins who are representative of how TravelManagers’ personal travel managers across Australia interact.

It was Wiggins’ own experience of knowing how daunting starting your own business is, with no client base and your own self-doubt that led her desire to provide encouragement and mutual support for those personal travel managers just starting out.

“Starting out on your own is often the biggest decision of your career.  It certainly was for me. The smallest thing can make or break your business start-up and from experience, every personal travel manager will question his or her own abilities. I jumped at the chance to mentor Sahra offering support, advice or simply just providing answers to questions about how things work. The smoother the start-up process, the quicker Sahra can build her own business and then will be able to assist in growing our network, which benefits us all.”

TravelManagers’ Executive General Manager Michael Gazal applauds Wiggin’s proactive, approach that really resonates with the TravelManagers family based philosophies.

“Merran’s selfless proactiveness to offer support and encouragement without personal gain or reward epitomizes TravelManagers’ philosophy of personal travel managers working collectively together to support each other and foster community spirit. We recognize each personal travel manager has wide-ranging strengths in different areas and actively encourage this type of peer community support both from a social and business point of view.”

For Vilayrack it was TravelManagers’ community spirit that was one of her motivators to join the company,

“After working part time for many years as a single mum in the travel industry, I knew I had to make a change if I wanted a better lifestyle and opportunities for myself and my children. I chose to do this with TravelManagers as I felt confident in the model, its reputation for community spiritness and the endless opportunities including the potential income I could make.”

Vilayrack has been overwhelmed with the level of support she has received from her fellow personal travel managers.

“I thought initially it would be quite competitive with everyone in the area having their established existing clients and being wary of another personal travel manager. However It’s completely the opposite! On my first day I met everyone from the Newcastle area, they were all friendly and willing to offer advice. I have been invited to BNI meetings, we meet for coffee after our cluster meetings and I feel completely comfortable emailing any of my fellow colleagues if I need a hand. From day one I was made to feel like part of the TravelManagers family.”

Vilayrack advises the support of the national partnership office is invaluable.

“With TravelManagers, you know you are never alone. The encouragement and support I have received has been invaluable. I have been in personal contact with Michael Gazal over the phone who has given me pep talks and support on big business decisions, I honestly feel like I am his teammate! The marketing team have helped me develop many advertisements including tips and hints on free local marketing strategies including one that gained me 180 newsletter sign ups and a group of 22 to Asia for a sporting event!  It’s like having an office full of colleagues right here in my living room. The support network with TravelManagers is really above and beyond and makes home based consulting a dream.”

For Vilayrack enjoying a cup of tea together with her mentor Wiggins takes on new meaning. As well as the usual daily chitchat it’s a chance to network, support each other and work together to collectively grow their individual businesses.

“The autonomy and freedom to drive your business in so many different directions, the opportunity to earn a great income whilst having a good work life balance is invaluable to me. Being mobile is a huge asset, my clients really enjoy going for coffee or lunch whist we nut out their next dream holiday. I feel secure in my business being in the TravelManagers family, I feel I’m not doing this journey alone. Having so many people rally for you and your business is priceless.”

For more information or to speak to someone confidentially about TravelManagers please contact Suzanne Laister on 1800 019 599.


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