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Personal Travel Managers ‘On Top of the World’ in Nepal

Nine personal travel managers recently experienced a famil of a lifetime on a ten-day exclusive TravelManagers famil to Nepal. The group was hosted by partner supplier Crooked Compass and Nepal Tourist Bureau.

Participating personal travel managers were Victoria based Di Yates and Karen Doyle; New South Wales representatives Janice Lee, Natalie Miller, Phoebe Luong and Cassandra Ross; Tracy Cosgriff representative from Queensland; Anna Bayley representative from Tasmania and Western Australia’s Hiten Shah. Lisa Pagotto, founder of Crooked Compass escorted the group.

Experiencing an adventure-packed itinerary, the personal travel managers enjoyed unforgettable and inspiring experiences of historical, cultural and geographical significance.

Nepal is famous for being home to Mount Everest the highest point on Earth, however as Yates discovered it is more than the diversity of its landscape that provided a memorable experience.

“Nepal just kept on amazing me. From our visit to Pashupatinath the most sacred Hindu shrine in Nepal, to seeing the cremation ghats and the Aarti ceremony on the banks of the river made me feel very humble.  My main highlight was the extremely early morning trek from Pokhara to Sarangkot to witness the most magnificent sunrise over the Himalayan peaks We then did the ultimate experience – a tandem paraglide. Soaring like an eagle high above the mountain peaks and circling the lake was simply awe-inspiring and an experience I will never forget.”

For many people Mount Everest is the reason for visiting Nepal, however for Shah the Chitwan National Park provided a unique experience.

“We experienced an elephant safari in the jungle and witnessing the bathing of the elephants was such an incredible experience. To see these majestic animals treated with such care, love and respect was a heart-warming sight.”

The genuineness of the Nepalese people was a real highlight for Miller.

“The Nepalese are the most wonderfully happy people. The local tours and home stays including local meals was a great experience. The fact we were invited into their lives to experience their culture and everyday routine is very humbling. I will be certainly recommending the home stay option to clients.”

Yates recommends for clients to pack their sense of adventure and they will be rewarded with a uniquely diverse and cultural holiday experience.

“We experienced a journey with a difference and I now truly understand why Nepal is known as one of the most diverse nations in the world.  We explored the history and culture, experienced city and country and experienced the jungle with its exotic array of animals and different way of life. From its crazy drivers to the colourful markets and amazing Nepalese food that sets your sense of smell into a frenzy, Nepal offers a truly unique and intriguing cultural holiday experience.”

Being able to share her personal famil experiences is proving valuable for Lee.

“I am so inspired and being able to relay my passion and my recent personal experiences of Nepal to my clients is the best-selling tool I have. It builds trust with my clients and they appreciate getting accurate and up to date information. Clients like knowing you ate the local food, caught local transport and survived to tell the tale!”

For more information or to speak to someone confidentially about TravelManagers please contact Suzanne Laister on 1800 019 599.

PTM Nepal adventure | TravelManagers Australia
Packing their sense of adventure are personal travel managers (outside van from left) Natalie Miller, Cassandra Ross, Janice Lee, Hiten Shah, Driver. (Inside Van from left Anna Bayley, Tracy Cosgriff, Phoebe Luong, and Di Yates)
PTM Canoe Ride | TravelManagers Australia
Personal travel managers enjoy a canoe ride in the UNESCO World Heritage Chitwan National Park. Front to back are Natalie Miller, Hiten Shah, Janice Lee, Phoebe Luong, Lisa Pagotto, Tracy Cosgriff, Anna Bayley, Di Yates
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